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   9/2009 Forests and Energy,
    Missoula, MT

   12/2008 Wood to Energy,
    Helena, MT

   10/2007 Making Wood
    Work, Missoula, MT

Reports and Presentations

Educational Tools


Reports and Presentations




Air Emission Test Reports


Case Studies


Chadron State College Heating Plant and Fuel Supply System, March 2005


Clean and Diversified Energy Initiative, Biomass Task Force Report, Western Governor’s Association, Jan. 2006


Conceptual Advances in Roll On/Off Technology in Forestry, Oct. 2007


Darby Fuels for Schools Annual Report (2005-2006)


Establishing Long-Term Supply Agreements for Wood Energy Facilities Empire State Forest Products Association, June 2008


Forest Residue Trucking Simulator


Fuels for Schools: A Business Outlook, Jan. 2004


Identifying Resources and Options to Mitigate the Risks of Wildland Fires in North Dakota, Univ. of ND EERC, June 2003


Lockheed Martin's first biomass facility


Managing Organic Debris for Forest Health: Reconciling fire hazard, bark beetles, wildlife and forest nutrition needs,  A Pacific Northwest Extension Publication, 2009.


Montana Biomass Boiler Market Assessment, Oct. 2006


Pinyon-Juniper Biomass Utilization Study for Lincoln County, NV: Cost Documentation Report, Aug. 2004


Potential for Expanding the Fuels for Schools Concept to Other Institutions and Industries in Montana, Dec. 2004


Potential for Using Woody Biomass for Heat and/or Power in Utah’s Institutions and Industries, Aug. 2006


State Woody Biomass Utilization Policies Department of Forest Resources, University of Minnesota, Dec. 2008


Study of How to Decrease the Costs of Collecting, Processing and Transporting Slash


USFS Forest Products Lab: Wood for Energy-related Reports


Western Forestry Leadership Coalition Reports


Wood Heat Solutions: A Community Guide to Biomass Thermal Projects, Resource Innovations, U of Oregon, Sept. 2008


Wood to Energy in Washington: Imperatives, Opportunities, and Obstacles to Progress. University of Washington School of Forest Resources, June 2009


Woody Biomass Removal Case Studies: Lessons Learned and Strategies for Success, Forest Guild and USFS, Sept 2008


Woody Biomass Utilization Desk, USDA Forest Service, Sept. 2007



Brochures and Presentations


Darby, MT Pilot Project


Forests and Energy: The Economic and Ecological Implications of Biomass Utilization from Rocky Mountain Forests, Presentations from Plum Creek Conference, Sept. 22-24, 2009, University of Montana, Missoula


Fuels for Schools and Beyond Brochure, Feb. 2006


Fuels for Schools and Biomass-related presentations hosted on this WFLC site.


Video: Energy from the National Forest (Electricity from biomass on the Shasta-Trinity NF)


Video Tour of Middlebury College Biomass Gasification Plant


Video: Using Wood to Heat Enterprise School.


Workshop 2007-- Making Wood Work: Local Energy Solutions Speaker Presentations




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