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Preliminary Engineering Assessment


If you are located in the 6-state region of Nevada, Utah, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming or North Dakota, the Fuels for Schools Program Coordinator in your state can assist you with a sponsored Pre-Feasibility Assessment.  See state links below.  If not in these states, click here for assistance.


  1. Fill out a Pre-Feasibility Assessment Form (see links below) and return to your State’s Program Coordinator.  This form requires some basic information about your facility’s size, current heating and distribution system, and annual fuel usage. 


  1. The State Coordinator will review the form and examine the potential of a biomass conversion at your facility “at quick glance." This will determine whether your facility warrants a closer look with a Preliminary Engineering Assessment. 


  1. If this Assessment is warranted, your facility will receive an “engineer for a day" visit from a contractor we’ve hired to conduct the assessment.   


  1. Free of charge and with no obligation from you, the engineer will survey your facility and heating system and prepare a written report which will detail the technical and economic feasibility of integrating a biomass boiler system including estimated construction costs and projected fuel costs savings. 


  1. Based on the results of this Preliminary Engineering Assessment, your facility may appear a good candidate for a biomass boiler installation.  The next step would be to work with an architectural and engineering firm to plan and design your system.  



Click on a state link below to view and download a Pre-Feasibility Assessment Form


Idaho           Montana           Nevada           North Dakota          Utah          Wyoming         



View sample of a completed Pre-Feasibility Assessment that presents options for a wood chip or pellet system installation.


Sample Report


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