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   9/2009 Forests and Energy,
    Missoula, MT

   12/2008 Wood to Energy,
    Helena, MT

   10/2007 Making Wood
    Work, Missoula, MT

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Many facilities have successfully funded biomass boiler installations by combining funds from a diverse portfolio of sources.   This may include state, federal or private grants, loans, facility funds, municipal bonds, performance contracting, the sale of CO2 offsets, and more.   Explore the project financing portfolios and listings of financing opportunities below.


View Financing Portfolios of FFS&B projects


Financing Opportunities Lists


Federal Financing Opportunities

Private Foundations List


Contact a State Program Coordinator or your local economic development agency for further assistance in identifying your financing options.


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Rural Development

Energy Initiatives

Community Facilities Loans and Grants

Business and Cooperative Programs

Assistance to High Energy Cost Rural Communities


Federal Government Grants


Online Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA)



Carbon Offset Traders

        The Climate Trust

        Eco Securities

        Native Energy


US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA )

Up-to-date grant announcements 

 Publication of Funding Opportunities (2006)


US Dept. of Energy (DOE)


        Loan Guarantee for Innovative Clean Energy Projects


Community Connections

        Database of government, corporate, and private sector funding.



School Grants


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