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   9/2009 Forests and Energy,
    Missoula, MT

   12/2008 Wood to Energy,
    Helena, MT

   10/2007 Making Wood
    Work, Missoula, MT

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Educational Tools


Educational Tools


Fuels for Schools: The Use of Wood Residue to Heat our School - A Fire and Biomass Curriculum (PDF 4.89 MB) (Grade: middle school)

Engages students in understanding the benefits of a biomass boiler installation at their school. Combines lessons about biomass utilization for energy, wildfire safety, forest health, the wood products industry, and energy and economic issues in the community.  This curriculum was originally written for Darby Schools, Montana but can be adapted for your school.  Co-developed by Bitterroot National Forest and Bitter Root RC&D.

Comic Book: The Hidden Treasure: Forests and Woody Biomass (Grades: late elementary to middle school)

Explores the benefits gained from maintaining healthy forests, including wood products such as biomass for energy, biofuels, biochemicals, paper and furniture. Developed by the National Association of Conservation Districts.

Natural Inquirer—Middle School Science Education Journal

Topics: Bioenergy, Climate Change and others


National Energy Education Development (NEED) Project (K-12 Energy Curriculum)


Energy and Society Learning Kit (PreK-8)

Project Learning Tree


Project Learning Tree (PreK-12 Environmental Education)