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National Workshop on Implementing Biomass Boiler Systems

Making Wood Work: Local Energy Solutions
October 16-18, 2007
Holiday Inn Parkside·Missoula, Montana

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You're invited to Making Wood Work, a national 3-day workshop on implementing woody biomass energy systems. Woody biomass energy systems are an increasingly popular renewable fuel solution and provide multiple benefits to communities and forests, including reduced and stabilized fuel costs, increased energy independence, reduced greenhouse gas emissions, reduced wood waste in landfills, and strengthened local economies. Join us for this unparalleled opportunity to listen, learn, and engage in in-depth working sessions on this exciting technology!

As recognized national leaders in community biomass projects, the Fuels for Schools and Beyond Team (including staff from the USDA Forest Service State and Private Forestry, State Coordinators in ID, MT, ND, NV, UT, and WY, and the Bitter Root RC&D) and their diverse partners will share their extensive knowledge and experience gained from implementing projects across the nation. Intensive workshop sessions will guide participants through the ins and outs of system implementation, at every stage of the process.

  • Speaker Panels covering Project Feasibility; Planning and Design; Implementation and Operation; Combustion Technologies; Fuel Sources and Quality; Fuel Processing and Delivery; Environmental Considerations; Financing Opportunities; and Effective Collaboration for Success.
  • Field Tours of operating biomass boilers, and new forest management technologies
  • Working Sessions and Networking Opportunities
  • Exhibits of new products and technology

This is your opportunity to connect with the entire biomass energy project team in one place, at one time! Architects, engineers, boiler manufacturers and operators, foresters, wood fuel suppliers, facility owners and managers, financing organizations, community leaders, environmental and energy interests, and others will come together to exchange information and insights.

Return home with the knowledge, tools, and support team to make biomass energy work in your community!

Workshop sponsors include the National Association of RC&Ds, USDA Forest Service, Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation, and Biomass Energy Resource Center

Contact Bitter Root RC&D at (406) 363-1444 ext.5 or bitterrootrcd@cybernet1.com