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Air Emission Test Reports


The air emission test reports posted on this website represent a combination of compliance and voluntary testing performed on wood-fired boilers recently installed in Montana, Idaho and North Dakota.  Facilities employed consultants to perform stack tests for compliance purposes or as a goodwill measure prior to official system start up.  Fuels for Schools and Beyond partners including the Bitter Root RC&D and the Montana Department of Natural Resources and Conservation commissioned voluntary stack testing to better characterize and understand the nature of air emissions from small-scale wood fired boiler systems because there is little empirical data currently available. Analysis of wood fuel samples was also conducted for some of these tests and this information is provided where available.



Memo Summarizing Results of Multiple Stack Emission Tests (104 KB PDF)


Bismarck, ND: 1 mmBTU/hr (19.7 MB PDF)


Council, ID: 1.9 mmBTU/hr  (554 KB PDF)


Darby, MT: 3.3 mmBTU/hr, 2004 Test  (19.6 MB PDF)


Darby, MT: 3.3 mmBTU/hr, 2008 Test  (195 KB PDF)


Dillon, MT: 19 mmBTU/hr  (36.9 MB PDF)


Thompson Falls, MT: 1.6 mmBTU/hr  (196 KB PDF)


Townsend, MT: 0.75 mmBTU/hr Wood Pellet System  (21.6 MB PDF)


Townsend, MT: Manufacturer Comments on Emission Test  (21.7 KB PDF)


Victor, MT: 2.6 mmBTU/hr  (19 MB PDF)




Contact Julie Tucker, USDA Forest Service, with questions regarding the air quality information posted here.  Email:



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