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Most homeowners simply do not understand the steps involved in selecting a new roof. That is to be expected, as even lower quality roofing systems are designed to last for many years. In addition, roofing systems have evolved tremendously in recent years. Roofing company experts must step in and explain the different options, giving homeowners the information they need to make educated decisions.

architectural shingleIn the past, most roofers simply recommended traditional three-tab asphalt shingles as the most cost-effective option for the majority of homes. However, today’s roofing products provide homeowners with additional choices that not only last longer than typical three-tab shingles, they also look better. Three-tab shingles, using asphalt or fiberglass, are still good options for many homes. However, newer architectural shingles will last longer and, with the many patterns and colors available, add a new dimension to any home’s look.

Homeowners may also opt to install cedar, tile, slate and metal roofing systems. Each type of roofing system has pros and cons. Price points vary significantly, with more expensive options potentially adding thousands to the cost of a new roof. Initial cost, however, should not be the deciding factor when choosing a new roof. Many of the roofing systems costing more initially require little or no maintenance, and last far longer than any asphalt or fiberglass shingle.

Of course no roofing system will protect a home effectively if the contractors do not install the system properly. While codes provide a minimum quality measure, top quality contractors exceed the minimums required by building codes. They take steps to ensure that specific local issues are addressed. Where wind loads are an issue, materials proven to resist wind damage are recommended. If hail damage is routine, materials most susceptible to hail damage are avoided.

Since homeowners must live with their roof selection for many years, professional roofing contractors work with homeowners, carefully explaining how each available option will affect the look and value of the property. Homeowners must make the final decision, but to do that they need the counsel of professionals who truly grasp the significance of the choices homeowners must make when selecting a new roofing material.

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